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Vending services


Our vending machines offer a range of products including pocket tissues, sanitary napkins and condoms. Compact and durable, they are suitable to be installed in most places.


Our rental services are comprehensive. We ensure products are replenished and maintenances on the vending machines are conducted on a regular basis. Alternatively, we also offer the option to self-refill the vending machines. You replenish, we maintain!


Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

An excellent addition to Ladies. Recommended for schools, commercial and industrial buildings.


Tissue Paper Vending Machine

Having a tissue paper vending machine near toilets can provide toilet users with an alternative when toilet paper are not available. Recommended for coffeeshops and canteens.


Condom Vending Machine

Our condom vending machine dispense individually packed condom. Recommended for pubs and hotels.

Vending Services

Cleaning Products

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