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Paper Products


We provide commonly used paper products in toilets for shopping centres, office premises and education institutions. Available in different sizes and quality, we cater to all your needs!


Paper towel and wiping rolls

Hand towel available in M-Fold, L-Fold, Z-Fold and C-Fold. Hand towel dispenser are also available and sold separately.


Tissue papers and disposable paper serviettes

3 ply tissue papers are sold in cartons consisting of 12 packs of 6 x 12 packaging.

Paper serviette are available in different varieties. 


Jumbo Rolls

High quality jumbo roll that provides comfort and hygiene to your customers and staffs. Dispenser are available for sale.


Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

For the most hygiene conscious toilet users. Our disposable toilet seat covers are packed in cartons of 50 x 100 pieces. Suitable for offices and shopping centres.

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Paper Products

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